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Account Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a registered member of PointClassics.com?
As a free registered member, you will be able to do the following:

  • Save searches
  • Set up project folders to hold and compare tracks
  • Calculate prices for tracks
  • Complete an online licensing agreement
  • Download hi-resolution VBR MP3s or order WAVs and CDRs

Can I listen to tracks without becoming a member?
Yes. You can listen to 48K MP3s of all the music available on PointClassics.com. You must be a member of PointClassics.com to license tracks and download hi-res VBR MP3s or order WAVs and CDRs.

Can I make changes to my account?
Yes. Once you are logged in, you can click the button "My Account" at the bottom of the page. You can change your registration information, password, and email address.

Searching Questions

How do I search for tracks?
Search our site for music by Composer, Style, Mood, Tempo, Instrument, Familiarity and Period. A Keyword box is also supplied to do quick searches by specific words.

What is the Familiarity search criteria?
Some of you may not be familiar with classical music. So, we have identified the most popular tracks with a 5 rating and the least recognizable tracks with a 1 rating to make selection easier for you.

When I do a search, how are the selections sorted?
On the search results page, tracks are sorted alphabetically by Composer, then by Familiarity, then by Title and finally by Movement.

I'm not getting any search results?

  • The more search criteria you select the smaller the universe becomes. If you are not successful in finding a track with every criteria selected, try expanding the universe by deselecting some of the search criteria.
  • Multiple selections within a drop down search criteria are not possible; multiple selections can be typed into the keywords box.
  • Use the singular form of the word first i.e. "violin" instead of "violins" in the Keyword search.
  • If a certain Keyword search is null, try another Keyword that means the same thing or is similar. For example...if a Keyword search by "vocal" is null, try "chant," "choir," "aria" or "opera" to find vocal music.
  • Be sure to press the Clear button before each new search.

I'm getting too many search results?
The more search criteria you select the smaller the universe becomes. Try choosing more criteria to narrow your search.

Can I save my searches?
Yes. To save your searches, be sure you are logged in. Then choose your search criteria and press the Search button. You'll see the search results. Before you do your next search, type in a short description of the search in Save Search Box and press Save. Afterwards, your saved search will appear in the drop down called Saved Searches.

How can I load my previously saved searches?
To load previously saved searches, please login, and then select the search in the drop down called Saved Searches. Press the Load button and the search results will appear.

I can't find the track I want?
Call us at 01753 785 500 and we'll be happy to locate the exact track you need.

Licensing Questions

Do I have to secure separate licenses for the master recording and synchronization?
No. Our licensing procedure will generate a license for the use of the master and synchronization to your project. All of these tracks are public domain, and are arranged by one of our composers, so you do not have to secure additional publishing clearance.

Can I license more than one track at once?
No. Our licensing procedure requires that you license each track separately.

If I have licensed a track, can I send copies of it to my friends?
No. A license applies to the use of a particular piece of music for its intended application only. The production quality files are still copyright protected tracks.

Can I send a music file to my production staff for evaluation and pre-production?
Yes. You can email your project folder to production staff for evaluation. Once you have completed a licensing agreement, you are allowed to share files among members of a production team for evaluation and pre-production as well.

How are the fees calculated?
Our pricing engine automatically calculates a license fee based on a variety of criteria including license term, type of use, broadcast medium, and audience size.

How do I license tracks?
Each track listing gives you the option to license the track. Click the "License" button in the Action column of each record. You will then be led through a 6 step licensing procedure resulting in the issuance of a license and the ability to download the MP3 for immediate usage.

Can I save/hold tracks that I want to license at a later date?
Yes. We have created a project folder function, where you can drop tracks into a folder by project and license at a later date. Click "New Project" in the left column. It will prompt you to name your project and give a few details about it. Once you have set up a folder, it will show up in a drop down box under the heading "Projects" in the left column. Then you can search for tracks and assign them to the project. You can view your project at anytime by selecting the project name and clicking "View Project".

Can I view the tracks I've previously licensed?
Yes. Once you are logged in, you can click the button "My Account" at the bottom of the page. You can view the tracks you have licensed by clicking the "View My Licensed Tracks" button. From this page you can view the original license or the details of the license.

Can I get a blanket or a large volume deal?
Yes. Please call us at 01753 785 500 to be set up as a special account based on your needs.

How do I pay?
Once your account application has been approved, you will be able to download and license music. When you do so, you will be sent an invoice for payment along with your license. The invoice must be paid as soon as you know that the music will definitely be used for the project; a cue sheet is preferred along with payment. Your license is not valid until payment has been made.

Downloading Questions

Can I download and use the preview MP3?
No The MP3s are for preview purposes only and are ripped at a very low quality, 48K.

What format can I get music in?
We offer three formats of delivery: MP3, WAV and CDR. Hi-resolution variable bit rate MP3s are available for download immediately upon completion of the licensing procedure. If you want an MP3, but don't need it immediately, you will be able to download your file at a later date. If you need an uncompressed WAV file or custom burned CDR, our customer service dept., will send you the file/disc based on the date you need the music by.