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Use our search engine tips below to find the track you need:

  • On the search results page, Tracks are sorted alphabetically by Composer, then by Familiarity, then by Title and finally by Movement.
  • The more search criteria you select the smaller the universe becomes. If you are not successful in finding a track with every criteria selected, try expanding the universe by deselecting some of the search criteria.
  • Multiple selections within a drop down search criteria are not possible; multiple selections can be typed into the keywords box.
  • Use the singular form of the word first i.e. "violin" instead of "violins" in the Keyword search.
  • If a certain Keyword search is null, try another Keyword that means the same thing or is similar. For example...if a Keyword search by "vocal" is null, try "chant," "choir," "aria" or "opera" to find vocal music.
  • The Composer search criteria lists Composers by last name first.
  • The Style search criteria allows for searching by type of composition.
  • Each movement has been assigned one or more of the most prevalent Moods applicable.
  • Each movement has been assigned a Tempo. If the movement changes tempo on various occasions within the piece, the Tempo will be listed as Various.
  • The Familiarity search criteria allows you to search for the most popular tracks ranging from 1 (unknown) to 5 (most recognizable).
  • The Period search criteria allows you to find compositions based on the time period they were written in.
  • Be sure to press the Clear button before each new search.
  • To save your searches, be sure you are logged in. Then choose your search criteria and press the Search button. You'll see the search results. Before you do your next search, type in a short description of the search in Save Search Box and press Save. Afterwards, your saved search will appear in the drop down called Saved Searches.
  • To load previously saved searches, please login, and then select the search in the drop down called Saved Searches. Press the Load button and the search results will appear.

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